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Organise and assemble your marketing materials in a professional manner with LocalHQ’s presentation folders. Whether you’re creating a press kit or building a business portfolio, these folders spell the difference between acceptable and alluring.

With digitally printed folders, you can deliver an assortment of content in a way that is easy to manage for your customers and clients. Gone are the days when they have to deal with loose flyersbrochuresstickers or cards. They will definitely appreciate this simple convenience.

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First Impressions Count

You only have one shot at making a good first impression. Make the most out of it with custom branded folders. If you have two or more documents and other promotional materials to present, this will help you collate them into one package.

Presentation folders are handy for when you have to prepare a media kit before an event. These could also function as a report cover for professionals who are constantly on the go, making presentations from one client to another. In addition to being a tool for storing key business information, they also provide people with an insight to your business.

Presentation Folders Can Hold The Following Materials:

  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Fact Sheets
  • Invitations
  • Location Maps
  • Magazines
  • Notepads
  • Photos
  • Pin Back Buttons
  • Press Releases
  • Stickers

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Custom Folders To Reflect Your Brand

Whatever purpose they serve you, presentation folders are an effective way to enhance the image of your company. Use them to your advantage when distributing press kits, business proposals, seminar handouts and the like.

Do you have a compilation of files that need to be given out? Bundle them all into one convenient pack. Keeping everything intact and in their right place sure is easy with presentation folders.

In this day and age, it is simply not enough to focus solely on what you are putting out there. Rather, it’s about how you convey it for everyone to see. The way you present information should always be taken into consideration. Remember that personalised folders speak volumes about how professional you are.

If you want to sort out your content into sections, we recommend choosing a folder that come with pockets. We have numerous styles available that let you organise information better. You can also opt for a folder with built-in tabs. Label these tabs according to the topic they cover and keep everything neat and a breeze to navigate.

Why Choose Us?

At LocalHQ, our team strives to offer the highest standard of printing services with the fastest turnaround times. Achieving this without compromising quality is what we take pride in. Best of all, we value your input and give you exactly what you ask for and more.

A recognised name in multimedia services, LocalHQ does it all—webmarketingdesign and print. Having a strong background in these fields gives us creative insight and commercial awareness to push your business forward.

Through the strategic branding of various print materials, we transform the way your business is perceived. The stunning designs and lasting quality of our presentation folders are bound to impress future and current clients.

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