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Make your mark and get your message across with custom posters from LocalHQ. Posters offer an effective visual tool to promote your brand, demanding immediate attention. One look at your poster lets passersby know immediately what products or services you offer. Attract new customers today with our range of high quality, custom-finished posters.

LocalHQ is your one-stop shop for poster services. If you want to order posters in Sydney, come to us. Whether you need it for wall decor in the office or print wall art advertisement in transit stations, head to our shop. Our Sydney-based business offers full-colour poster printing for your every need.

For further information, contact our office at 1300 450 450. You can also fill out our contact form on our site or email us at info@localhq.com.au.

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Prowess In Poster Printing

Reach audiences far with a quick glimpse with posters customised for  your business . With our proficiency in digital printing you are guaranteed the best, most polished output. Be it a glossy or matte finish, LocalHQ has you covered for all of your poster needs.

Cost-effective and visually appealing, posters have always been popular print materials. Lately, more and more of our corporate clients come to us for poster printing requests. Our attention-grabbing posters can be used in the following ways, including:

  • Employee Announcements
  • Event Marketing
  • Job Openings
  • Notice Boards
  • Product Advertising
  • Store Promotions

In need of speedy printing services for posters online? You’ve come to the right place. We deliver to all locations within the Greater Sydney Area. Expect your orders to arrive at your doorstep in three days or less.

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Get in touch with us and receive a free quote for the services you request. One of our friendly customer service representatives will respond to your enquiry shortly and be in contact with you.

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Experiment With Materials And Finishes

Design a poster today with help from our team of graphic designers and digital printers. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and innovative technology, our highly skilled professionals can get the job done right the first time.

First things first, understand that the materials you choose in printing posters contribute to their performance. Therefore, high-quality, durable paper must be used for longevity. For instance, we recommend lamination or using UV-resistant paper for printing when it comes to posters that will be exposed to the elements.

Be it stunning art posters to eye-catching infographics, leave it to us to produce spectacular prints. LocalHQ always produces posters using high-quality coated paper in an array of sizes. From canvas to vinyl, we have it all.

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Why Choose Us?

A high standard of workmanship separates us from the rest of the competition. Our extensive experience in professional printing shows in every work we deliver. At our creative agency, we specialise in various print services aimed at helping companies market their brand and offerings. We know what it takes to promote a business through print—we do it ourselves.

All aspects of poster printing are drafted and completed in our headquarters in Sydney. Aside from posters, we also create flyersletterheadsenvelopes and banners. Contact us today to know more about all the products we offer.

Large format printing is also available. Companies that require this are ones who have large shopfront displays and billboards. Whatever size is needed, count on us to provide the solution. While the most common size for posters is A3, we can print them in A0 paper. Custom sizes are available as well. Speak with us to discuss your specifications and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Request A Quote

To receive a quote, please make a request by calling our office. Our representatives are always on standby to take your call. Once you have discussed all the services you need, we will get back to you shortly.

We are confident in having some of the best rates in the industry. If you want to start customising your poster, give us a call at 1300 450 450. Get a detailed quote free of charge today.


1300 450 450 / info@localhq.com.au