LocalHQ Envelopes

Enclose official correspondence from your company with professional envelopes from LocalHQ. Custom-made envelopes make all the right impressions, even before the package or mail is opened. For an impressive start, give us a call ASAP.

Expertly printed envelopes give your business correspondence a smart, polished look. They also allows customers and clients to spot your mail at a glance among the pile. These materials help in developing awareness of your brand. Apart from being crucial in establishing your identity, they secure all of the contents of your mail.

Be it a quarterly newsletter or a credit card statement, we print the envelopes your company needs. Contact 1300 450 450 and speak with our staff today. Alternatively, you can email us at info@localhq.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Custom Envelope Printing Experts

We carry an extensive range of styles to match your company’s brand and image. Custom envelope sizes are available to match your preferences. You also have the option of adding windows to your envelopes.

Choose from our diverse array of paper to suit your needs. The standard bond is one of our most popular materials. Serving the most basic of purposes, it is ideal for high-volume printing. This kind of paper can be used for mails such as monthly bills, shipping lists and surveys.

Another option is kraft paper, which is gaining more popularity with its eco-friendly appeal. This type of paper owes its recycled look to its natural brown colour. These are perfect for companies selling products that are organic, homemade, handcrafted and artisanal.

You could also opt for tear-resistant envelopes for extra security. This is available in solid and translucent materials and comes in many different colours.

For an elegant touch, go for paper with a linen-like feel or metallic finish. Other sophisticated choices include wood grain patterns, embossed textures, and foil-lined flaps.

Get in touch with us and receive a free quote for the services you request. One of our friendly customer service representatives will respond to your enquiry shortly and be in contact with you.

Uniform, Professional Aesthetic

Add envelopes to your stationery supplies at the office. This is very important if you’re in an industry where you have to coordinate with external groups and prospective clients. After all, you always want to send the message that you maintain professionalism in everything you do.

At LocalHQ, we craft envelopes that perfectly match your letterheadsnotepads and business cards. We can feature everything from your company logo, signature colours and contact details. Keeping your corporate branding at the forefront is our mission.

Overall, customising your envelopes helps make your business look more credible. When you print invitations for formal events and product launches, for instance, enclosing them in envelopes is an absolute must. This creates a sense of exclusivity, making your brand more aspirational and in turn, more valuable.

Why Choose Us?

Count on LocalHQ for all your custom envelope needs in Sydney. As digital printing specialists, we utilise advanced tools and equipment and employ precise techniques. When we print envelopes, we apply minimum heat and pressure to avoid leaving excessive ink marks onto the paper.

Collectively, our team is experienced in the world of printwebmarketing and design. We don’t just print products. We design them in such a way that your company makes a statement, be it among your contemporaries, your business partners and the general public.

Aside from stationery supplies, we also print a variety of paper products including flyers, magazines and notepads. Contact us to know more about our complete list of offerings. Complete your office stationery stocks with LocalHQ today.

Request A Quote

Quotes are always free of charge at LocalHQ. If certain specifications need to be met, please get in touch with our staff so they can prepare a quote for you. Call 1300 450 450 at your earliest convenience.

Buy envelopes in bulk if you need to send correspondences to many recipients at the same time. Either way, if you end up having extras, you can always save them for future use.


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