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LocalHQ Printing offers a wide choice of business cards to pick from, with options suitable for all budgets. All prices at LocalHQ Printing include both sides full colour CMYK offset printing, a free pdf proof and a delivery in Sydney. Our graphical design experts can also help you design your custom business card ideas.

Here are some advices for creating your business cards:

  1.    Business cards are usually the first step for a company to introduce to their clients. The primal goal is attracting the attention of potential clients as well as encourages them to find out more about your company. One of the most effective ways is having an interesting card which is also easy to understand.
  2.    When you design your business card you must think what is the best way to inform your potential clients. You must be sure that your name, job title and company name or logo is clearly displayed. You must also think carefully about which contact details you will include. You must be sure that you picked right channels of communication with your clients. The best way is picking a few points of contact, without making your card look cluttered. The most commonly placed contact information on the business cards are phone number, website and email address. If you need more space on your business card, you do not need to include an address. Many companies remove this from their business cards and put website. So if your clients want to know where your company is located, they will visit your website.
  3.    If you do need to put a lot of information to display, you may be tempted to shrink the size of your text. From our experience, that is not good idea. Small text can often look readable onscreen, and it is difficult for printing. Our advice is that you never go smaller than 8pt. Also, you must standardise which font will you choose. Font on business card must be professional and simple. Beware of experimenting with this.
  4.    You can also save space with including a QR Code for your card. QR Codes provides a neat way of including a lot of information on a business card, without making it look cluttered. It is an easy way to create a link between your printed and online content. By scanning the code, people will automatically be sent to your website. Plenty of free QR code generators are available on the web.
  5.    Correctly using bright colours can make your business card stand out and they will look distinctive. This is often used tactic by design and creative businesses. This type of business card is appearing fresh, exciting and original. From our experience we suggest a simple design. A plain black and white design can be more effective and memorable as a colourful card. They are often seen as more stylish too.
  6.    If you are concerned about a black and white card looking to simple and dull, you can try to emboss the words. Embossing creates a 3D effect, which will also add elegance to your business card. Research has shown that using more than one sense at a time for design of your business cards can improve recall of an object. The reason why is that people would be more likely to remember your business.
  7.    Keep your business cards in line with the rest of your company’s branding. If you have specific company colours, use them in design of your business card. If you do not have any particular colour scheme to work with than you have free reign on your cards. But you must be careful with choosing complementary colours. Clashing colours can look unprofessional on a business card. If you are not sure which colours are complementary you can use an online colour matching tool.
  8.    Pictures always speak louder than words. This is especially true for business cards design. If you need to have written content on one side of your business card, think about saving the other side for something more visual. You could use the space to display an image which is related to your business or you can put your company logo on the back of the business card. It is not wise to leave it blank because people very often look at the back of business cards. Think about how many times someone gives you a card and you flipped it over to check.
  9.    Do not use borders in your card design. There is purely practical reason why is that so. No matter how much attention is paid and the quality of the print run, printing is never completely precise. Borders can seem perfectly symmetrical on your screen, but they may come out lopsided because of the smallest movements in the printing machine. Recommend leaving for printers are a 3mm bleed, an area the same colour as the background, around the edges of your card.
  10.    Along with the bleed, printers usually specify a safe area which is in the centre of the business card. Our advice is that it is better to put all important information like contact details within this area, because of avoiding to being cut off during the printing process.

You need to consider the thickness of your business card. Thicker cards look and feel more expensive making your business seem more professional. Business cards printed on thinner paper looks tacky and cheap. Maybe you are thinking to choose an unusual material for your business card. This can be more memorable but is not practical. People very often write extra details on their business cards such as where they acquire the card. This will be much more difficult to do on some materials like metal or wood.

custom business card ideas - localhq
custom business card ideas - localhq
custom business card ideas - localhq

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Why Choose LocalHQ Printing For Custom Business Cards Printing?

Sometimes you can suddenly stumble upon a need to have something printed very quickly. At LocalHQ Printing in Sydney, we have been in business for a long time and we know how important fast printing can be. The technologies used in our LocalHQ Printing are second to none. Our professional team of printers and graphic designers have many years of rich experience in working with businesses of all possible sizes, shapes and industries. We know how to bring your ideas to life.

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At LocalHQ Printing we use technology of state­-of­-the-­art digital printing. This technology produces vibrant colours and sharp black lines. Whether you need printing of full colour brochures or straightforward text, flyers, conference materials or posters, postcards, our experienced technicians and high quality equipment will deliver results of the best possible quality. Digital printing is ideal for situations when time is against you, or when you need printing of a relatively small amount (not more than 2000 copies). Our high quality digital presses can handle almost every weight and size of paper (the most popular is A4). Full colour, one colour or two colour printing projects, we can successfully meet any kind of your demands.

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