LocalHQ Comp Slips

Supplement official correspondence with a compliment slip designed by LocalHQ. Also referred to as business thank you notes, these materials add a personal yet professional touch.

Typical complimentary slips contain the same contact information (name, number and address) that is placed on the letterhead of your formal letter stationery. The key difference is it will have a pre-printed salutation bearing the line “with compliments”. The rest of the paper will be left blank, leaving room for a short handwritten note.

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Personal Touch With Added Polish

It’s the little things that make a big difference. That’s exactly the case with compliment slips. For one, they punctuate your correspondence with just enough polish. Like with other forms of business stationery, a compliment slip gives your office mail a professional look.

Secondly, a with compliments slip also serves a key role in developing and strengthening relationships with customers and clients. Maintaining good public relations is easy when you utilise this type of business stationery. After all, nothing beats a handmade show of appreciation, specially in this time of virtual communication.

As they are informal but still work-appropriate, you can use them as a substitute for a formal letter. For instance, responding to a request for a price list or catalogue does not include a letter of reply. This is when a compliment slip comes in handy.

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Sought-After Sydney Printing Services

Take the extra effort in thanking clients by adding a comp slip to your correspondence. As everything you send says a lot about your company, it is vital that your comp slips boost your company’s image. If they visibly look homemade, it creates the wrong impression.

Here at LocalHQ, we see to it that the finished product is remarkable in every way. We only use premium paper and rich colour in printing stationery. All of our stock options are laser and inkjet guaranteed.

Standard laser bond paper is ideal for high-volume print runs. They are suitable for any kind of correspondence. For a more elegant feel, opt for our deluxe super smooth paper. You could also take things up a notch with our coating and finishing options. Matte, metallic, glossy and textured—you name it, we have it.

Why Choose Us?

Join the hundreds of companies who have achieved marketing and advertising success by partnering with LocalHQ. Created with care and attention to detail, our wide selection of printed marketing materials makes you a cut above the rest. With our comp slips in particular, you can build up customers’ connection to your brand while making them feel extra special.

Our creative agency handles design and production for an assortment of paper supplies. Printing your comp slips to suit certain specifications and styles is not an issue. We have numerous compliment slip size and shape options to cater to all your different needs.

To reinforce your company’s identity, choose the same stock as your letterheadsenvelopes and business cards. We strongly recommend this for consistent, uniform branding.

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