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LocalHQ Printing is the first choice for business’ and companies in Sydney for their print marketing materials and other printing needs. Our advanced workflow ensures that your print advertising materials go to print as fast as possible.

Graphic Design Service For Print Marketing

At LocalHQ Printing in Sydney we have a graphic design service – you can use services from our graphical design experts or bring us your own designs for print advertising in pdf format so we can print them. We always try to make the whole process of business printing smooth and easy for you.

Payment Options At Local HQPrinting In Sydney

LocalHQ Printing accepts credit card payment, direct bank transfer and PayPal.

Proof File Of Flyers Printing

Before the printing starts, we will send you an email with a “Proof “– a pdf file of your printing so you can make sure that everything will look just the way you imagined. At LocalHQ Printing in Sydney we always want to make sure that our customers get exactly what they want. Your satisfaction is really important to us.

Smooth Workflow At LocalHQ Printing In Sydney

Our strict workflow makes printing and ordering process smooth and easy.

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Your Feedback Means A Lot

Your feedback means a lot to us at LocalHQ Printing – new ideas and improvement suggestions are always welcome. We want to be the best we can be and provide our customers an exceptional service.

The Most Common Advertising Flyers Types Our Customers Use:

  • DL Flyers Printed in Full Colour
  • A4 Colour Flyers on Gloss Paper
  • A5 Full Colour Flyers
  • A6 Full Colour Flyers

All of them are printed on 150 gsm gloss stock in full colour. You can order a single‐sided or a double‐sided flyers printing. At LocalHQ Printing we provide you high quality advertising flyers printing and a fast turnaround at an affordable price.

For high quality business printing services visit us at LocalHQ Printing in Sydney. For any questions or additional information about our services call us on 1300 450 450. Our customer service will gladly help you and answer all of your questions.

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Get in touch with us and receive a free quote for the services you request. One of our friendly customer service representatives will respond to your enquiry shortly and be in contact with you.

LocalHQ Printing Flyers Printing – Why To Use Advertising Flyers?

Advertising flyers are still one of the most effective way to market your company or business. The statistics have proven that the advertising and business flyers can positively encourage your potential customers to use your services or buy your product. Gfk Market Research performed a survey and the results were really surprising – the survey determined that advertising flyers have influenced directly 71% of customers. So despite massive advertising on TV or social media, print advertising still has a lot of power and influence on customers. Flyers printing seems like a great idea now, right?

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Business Flyers – Why Are They So Effective?

When you put an advertising flyer in someone’s hands, it is the most direct type of marketing you can do. Potential customers don’t need to type in URL, they don’t need to make a phone call to some special number, they don’t need to listen someone who’s persuading them into buying a product. All the information they need is right in front of them on a flyer. Your product or service description and and the details are right in their hands. Also, a lot of people are visual learners. 65% of people, to be precise. Visual types grab on to images much better than a radio ad, for example. Images on a flyer in their hands will grab their attention much more than some radio ad. Flyers printing is still a great advertising tool.

Order your flyers printing and other printing services at LocalHQ Printing in Sydney or call us on 1300 450 450 for more information. Our customer service staff will gladly help you.

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Why To Create A Business Flyer?

If you think that advertising flyers are only for pizza places and nightclubs, you couldn’t be more wrong. From web designers to doctors, everyone is using print marketing today for a local distribution.

Even Chanel, one of the most famous and successful fashion houses in the world, is using advertising flyers to promote special events. Business flyers do not indicate a low‐end service or product. Like Coco Chanel said, the packaging is what determines the perception. Of course, a business flyer printed on a 20 lb copy paper, poor quality graphics, leaves a low‐end impression. But if you put enough thought to an eye‐catching creative design, print quality, paper quality and finish, or if you hire a professional, the results can be really impressive and can do wonders for marketing of your product or service.

Create your business flyers at LocalHQ Printing in Sydney‐ affordable prices, high quality printing equipment and experienced staff guarantee you the best printing service in town.

Get in touch with us and receive a free quote for the services you request. One of our friendly customer service representatives will respond to your enquiry shortly and be in contact with you.

Flyers Printing – The Cheapest Form Of Marketing

Also, when making the comparison among different types of marketing, printing flyers are incredibly cheap. Flyers printing doesn’t cost much. It is actually incredibly cheap compared to other types of marketing. An important factor is to print a big amount – the bigger amount of your flyers means that you can reach a bigger number of potential customers. At LocalHQ Printing in Sydney, we are offering low prices for higher volumes – a perfect solution for printing a large amount of business flyers.

Advertising Flyers Increase Brand Awareness

Not to forget, handing out flyers can do a lot for the awareness of your brand, product or service. Every time you hand out a flyer, you informally introduce your product or service to a potential new customer. Of course, not every flyer makes a sale for your business, but it significantly increases the brand awareness and puts you as an option in customer’s mind.

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Should You Design Your Business Flyers By Yourself Or Hire A Professional?

Some people are creative and want to use their ideas for creating print advertising materials. Others leave that to professional graphic designers. Hiring a professional designer costs, but if you have no design and marketing experience, you and your business will benefit a lot from hiring a professional. You won’t need to worry about colour schemes and design choices. And you probably don’t want a sloppy looking flyer to represent your product or service to potential customers. So don’t worry – if you are not artistically inclined, our professional graphic designers at LocalHQ Printing will create beautiful and effective business flyers and save you a lot of time. And if you are creative and know exactly how you want your flyers to look, our experts at LocalHQ Printing will bring your print marketing ideas to life and print them for you.

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3 Components That Make A Beautiful Flyer

  • Colour – It is known that colours affect human behaviour. For example, it is recommended for restaurants to use red, orange or yellow in their advertising because it is known that yellow and red trigger hunger. Choosing the right colour is important – choose the one that sends the right message to your customers.
  • Image – only text is not fun and not enough attention‐grabbing. For example, if you are advertising a bakery shop, make sure to include a picture of a cake. People are very visual, and a nice cake picture can convince some already hungry person to immediately visit your bakery shop.
  • Placement of logo – Logos are an extremely important part of brand marketing so make sure to include your logo on the flyer. Flyers without logo look very plain are easy forgettable. When customers with your service or product.

Visit us at LocalHQ Printing in Sydney for flyers printing and other printing services or call us on 1300 450 450 for more information.

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