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LocalHQ Printing offers a wide choice of business cards to pick from, with options suitable for all budgets. A personal card design is made simple and easy when you create business cards with LocalHQ. All prices at LocalHQ Printing include both sides full colour CMYK offset printing, a free pdf proof and a delivery in Sydney. Our graphical design experts can help you design your business cards.

For best price business cards printing visit us at LocalHQ Printing in Sydney or call us on 1300 450 450 on for any information about our services. Our customer support will happily help you out and answer all of your questions.

Types Of Business Cards At Local HQ Printing In Sydney

  • Embossed business cards – If you like an understated elegance, embossed business cards are the perfect choice for you. Card embossing requires gently raising the surface from the card to make design elements look like they just leap off the business card. At LocalHQ Printing we can print you beautiful embossed business cards for an affordable price. Card description: Print on 1 or 2 Sides, Embossing 1 Side, Matte Cello on 1 Side, 310GSM, 4‐5 Business Day Turnaround.
  • Express business cards – Do you need some business cards really fast? At Local HQ Printing in Sydney we provide you express business cards service. If you give us your order with a print ready artwork until 10:30, your order will be dispatched by our overnight courier the next day. Card description: Print on 1 or 2 Sides, 400GSM, Matte or Gloss Finish, Next Day Dispatch by Overnight Courier
  • Gloss business cards– Now you can start your business with a bang. Gloss business cards from LocalHQ Printing can make your business card vibrate with colour. If you want a strong statement for your business, gloss business cards are the best choice for you. Our graphical design experts can incorporate bright colours or photographs in your card to really stand out and make a statement. Card description: Print 1 or 2 Sides, 350GSM, Gloss Laminate on 1 or 2 Sides, Free Delivery, 3‐4 Business Day Turnaround
  • Matte business cards – Matte finish on a business card adds a touch of luxury and it makes your business card stand out. Matte business cards at LocalHQ Printing are extremely damage resistant while at the same time they feel very silky smooth. Card description: Print on 1 or 2 Sides, 350GSM, Matte Celloglaze on 1 or 2 Sides, Free Delivery, 3‐4 Business Day Turnaround
  • Mini business cards – Mini business cards are very effective and attention‐grabbing way of print marketing. They are smaller than regular business cards, but they are still big enough for all of your important information and are easier to store. At LocalHQ Printing we can print your mini business cards in any size and shape you want. If you can’t find the size you want, just send us an email and we will print it. Card description: Print on 1 or 2 Sides, 400GSM, Matte or Gloss Finish, Free Delivery, 3‐4 Business Day Turnaround
  • Premium business cards – If you want to make an impression and hand out high quality business cards to your potential clients, LocalHQ Printing premium business cards are the best choice. We print premium business cards on a on heavy 400GSM stock. The thicker stock provides extra durability. Premium business cards are the most popular choice among our customers, probably due to the luxury feel they give. For a stylish finish you can pick between Matte Celloglaze or Gloss Laminate. Card description: Print on 1 or 2 Sides, 400GSM, Matte or Gloss Finish, Free Delivery, 3‐4 Business Day Turnaround
  • Recycled business cards ‐ Recycled business cards are environmentally sustainable and 100% made from recycled material. EcoStar stock has a nice texture and colours print crisp and bright on it. Order your recycled business cards now at Local HQ Printing in Sydney. Card description: 100% Recycled, Print on 1 or 2 Sides, 350GSM Eco Star, Free Delivery, 3‐4 Business Day Turnaround
  • Spot UV business cards – Now you can add an extra depth and effect on your business cards with a UV Spot finish at Local HQ Printing in Sydney. Add a new dimension to your print marketing strategy. You can select text or images for this special effect to wow your customers. Highlighted effect is created by the isolated gloss. Your business cards will look much more visually appealing and your contact info will be easier to read because of the contrast. Order your spot UV business cards printing now at Local HQ Printing in Sydney. Card description: Spot UV on 1 Side, 400GSM, Matte Celloglaze, Print on 1 or 2 Sides, 3‐4 Business Day Turnaround

To order your printing of any of these business cards type and for other printing services, visit us at LocalHQ Printing in Sydney. You can also call us on 1300 450 450. Our customer service will provide you all the information you need.

Types of business card - LocalHQ
Types of business card - LocalHQ
Types of business card - LocalHQ

Get in touch with us and receive a free quote for the services you request. One of our friendly customer service representatives will respond to your enquiry shortly and be in contact with you.

essential & impressive business cards - localhq

Design Essentials For An Impressive Business Card

A well‐designed and effective business card can add a new level of legitimacy to your business, and help you stand out and make a statement. If you don’t have a business card to give out to your client, you are missing a valuable marketing opportunity. It is important to invest in quality of business cards. Bad printing or a poor design can make you look sloppy and plain, and that is not a message you would want to send out to your potential clients.

essential business cards - localhq

Here Are 4 Essentials That Make A Good Business Card:

  1. Design principles – All your key copies should be kept from the trim edge for at least 5mm. Also, note that 300dpi is the best for quality image reproduction. Your typography should be of the minimum size – it will help you maintain legibility. It is recommended to design in CMYK, unless you want to work with spot colours.
  2. Use of special finishes – Special finishes add a new dimension to your business cards and make them stand out from the sea of similar business cards. Some of popular special finishers are: spot UV finish, foil blocking and metallic inks. Yes, special finishes can cost you more, but they can also make your business card look memorable and visually impressive.
  3. Readable text – This is an essential, but very often overlooked element in design of business cards. The text in your business card should be at least 8pt, bold coloured and the font should be readable and clear. Fonts smaller than 8 pt can look good on monitor, but on a printed business card it can appear smudged‐out, or a fuzzy line. Your name and contact info should be accentuated by a slightly larger and/or bolder font.
  4. Always include important information ‐ All the useful information your client may need should be placed on the back of your card. Always put our name on the card – the name your clients know you by. Also include what you do or your job scope. Contact information – phone number, work address, e‐mail, web page address, social media. Before the printing starts, at LocalHQ Printing we will always check to make sure that all the important details are included on your card.

For business cards printing and other printing services, visit us at LocalHQ Printing in Sydney. For additional questions and information, you can call us on 1300 047 283.


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